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Terms & Conditions

1.    Admissions

01.    Fees are paid in advance, either on a trial, monthly, termly or annual basis. These are to be paid by online payment or bank transfer.
02.    All termly fees are due from two weeks before the end of the current term for the upcoming term. Failure to pay before the commencement of the new term will incur a late penalty charge - £10 per week for each week it is overdue. Due dates will be notified by email.
03.    The base fee is £234.99 (based on standard termly fee). 
Each student is required to purchase a uniform t-shirt at £10 if on a trial or monthly plan.
04.    Fees are as appears on our website. Discounts are offered for annual bookings, additional siblings (10-15%) and group bookings (5-25% - please make enquiries based on size of group).
05.    Classes (Saturday & Sunday) will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Priority will be given to those with siblings already enrolled at the school.

06.    Online classes are available to be booked via the website only. An Admissions Form will be sent following payment confirmation, this must be completed prior to first class.

2.    School Logistics & Closures

01.    Parents / guardians who travel to the school by a motor vehicle are obliged to follow the guidelines set out on the WAW Creative Arts website. Full cooperation must be made with staff supervisors at the school. Failure to do so could result in your child losing their place at the school.
02.    WAW Creative Arts reserves the right to close the school on the grounds of health and safety in the event of severe adverse weather and unforeseen events/circumstances. Please note that WAW Creative Arts will do its utmost best to ensure that the classes remain open at all times.

03.    WAW Creative Arts may change term dates at short notice, however, this will be communicated to Parents via newsletter and/or WhatsApp.

04.    Where a class has been cancelled, WAW Creative Arts will endeavour to make up the equivalent time either by extended existing class times or by offering additional classes through half-term breaks.

3.    General Terms 

01.    Students may bring in a packed lunch / snacks to have during the break.
02.   Students are not allowed to use their mobile phones during the duration of their session. If they need to use their mobile phones, they must first take permission from a WAW Creative Arts staff member.
03.    If the uniforms provided are lost, you will be asked to pay for a replacement, which is charged at £15.00. 
04.    I shall comply with reasonable disciplinary action taken on the student for any poor behaviour / punctuality.
05.    Non-attendance will not result in discounts or refunds. 
06.    I will sign up to the WAW Creative Arts newsletter which will provide me with latest information regarding fee reminders, important announcements, school updates etc. I also give permission to be contacted with school updates from WAW Creative Arts.
07.    We will sometimes use photographs / videos of students and classes for promotional activity / encouragement for students on our website and official social media sites. 

4.    Withdrawals/Cancellations

01.    Should you wish to withdraw your child, you will inform WAW Creative Arts in writing before the start of the next term. Withdrawals part way through a term will not result in partial refunds. This also applies to online classes.
02.    If an annual booking is being cancelled, refunds will only be made for terms still yet to commence during that academic year. However, any annual discounts will be lost and full termly fees will apply.
03.    Failure to provide notification of withdrawal by the end of the academic year will mean any rights to a refund will be surrendered. This also applies to online classes.
04.    If you withdraw a student once you have registered and prior to the student starting classes, this will result in a £15.00 administration charge.
05.    Fees need to be paid in advance of the term commencing. Should fees not have been paid on time, the student may not be accepted back into the school. This also applies to online classes.
06.    Should a student wish to return following withdrawal, registration and resource fees will still apply.

07.    Uniforms must be returned if the student withdraws from the school within the first academic year following registration.

08.    Should a student disrupt a class and ignore any warnings issued by the teacher, a formal warning will be issued. If the disruption persists following this warning, the admission to the class will be rescinded. No refunds will apply in this case.

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