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Our Drama, Singing/Poetry and Art classes are available to children aged 4-to-16. Students receive all three classes within the term in alternation to achieve a balanced learning experience.


Our syllabus is based on Islamic history, Quranic stories and the cross-faith values that can be extracted from both. Our aim is to enrich our students' knowledge of their faith in an engaging and fun way.

We provide a safe space for our students to engage in creative activities, within an environment that inspires them, without the pressure of examination. Our goal is to motivate our students to become more expressive, self-confident and assured to deal with life's challenges both inside and outside of the school.

Our school is currently open on Saturdays & Saturday from 10.00am to 12.00pm, during the academic year - with plans to open on weekdays and in new locations in 2022. Sign up to our newsletter and complete an admissions form to hear about it first!

Our Founder

Nusaiba Mohammad Timol, Founder & CEO

Nusaiba is a multi-disciplinary artist working across the faith, fashion and education industries. Nusaiba launched the world's first Islamic creative arts school in 2019 called WAW Creative Arts – which challenges stereotypes around Muslims and is a bridge between Islam and modern society, by displaying how Islamic values are shared across different faiths and can act as a vessel for unity and peace. As a creative professional, Nusaiba has worked with many brands within the Modest fashion industry, as a stylist, producer and writer. She was also the first female Quran Reciter to win the National Quran Competition at the age of 13 (in 2006) which was televised on Islam Channel

Nusaiba’s work as a Quran teacher, reciter and a leading female voice for the Muslim community has been featured in 2020 on BBC World Service and all international BBC platforms. This was a great honour of her hard work and contribution to the Muslim community and the community at large. Most recently, in May 2021, VICE Arabia published an in-depth interview with Nusaiba on her journey through faith and fashion and becoming a role model for young female Muslims. 

Nusaiba was also the first from the Western hemisphere to be featured on the 2015 cover of Hijab Fesyen Magazine, Malaysia’s top modest fashion publication - this was an 8 page spread of how she has navigated her faith through fashion. Nusaiba has also written an article for Disorder Magazine (UK), titled ‘Why So Modest?’ - about her experiences as a Muslim creative working to incorporate faith-inspired ideas into the fashion industry. 

Nusaiba’s work in faith and fashion interested many mainstream media platforms, she was featured in BBC, Channel 4, Vogue, VICE and Evening Standard in the UK, and various mainstream platforms across Middle East, Switzerland, Denmark and Malaysia. These are all showcased on her Instagram profile, @iamnusaiba

Nusaiba has also been teaching Quran to kids and adults of all ages. Her 1-1 classes have become increasingly popular due to the unique nature of it and has recently reached new audiences outside of the Islamic faith. Nusaiba is currently teaching Quran to Peter Oborne, a prominent British journalist and broadcaster. 

Nusaiba has dedicated her teenage and young adulthood to building a bridge between western culture and the Islamic Society, to demonstrate what it truly means being a Muslim and particularly a Muslim woman. Her work from the age of 13 to this day has made her a highly recognisable figure within the Muslim community.