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Drama, Singing and Art  

(4-16 yrs) 

The classes on offer are Drama, Singing (Vocal Only) and Art. Our syllabus is based on Quranic stories and Islamic history, to enrich our students' knowledge of their faith in a fun and engaging way. 


With three terms a year, we structure the lessons so that students enjoy experiencing a wide variety of performance skills and styles for all Drama, Singing and Art classes. 

At the end of the year, our students will produce their own play based on Islamic history. They will write their own nasheeds, create their own stage props which will culminate in a full theatre production. 

At WAW Creative Arts, we aim to create a safe learning space for our students to develop their creative skills, as well as build confidence in who they are. We have developed a framework that provides structured learning for our students and the best possible learning experience.