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World's First Muslim Creative Arts School

Promoting self-confidence in faith, through creative expression.

Who Are We?

WAW Creative Arts is the world's first Muslim creative arts school, located in East London. 

WAW, which stands for ‘Who Are We’, was founded by Nusaiba Mohammad Timol (@iamnusaiba) in 2019 to promote and develop positivity and self-confidence in faith through creative expression. 

WAW has a mission to challenge stereotypes around Muslims, to be a bridge between Islam and modern society, by displaying how Islamic values are shared across several faiths and can act as a vessel for unity and peace. 

WAW is open to children from all faiths. We endeavour to be the source of motivation for the next generation, to become more expressive, self-confident and assured to deal with life's challenges both inside and outside of the school.

We provide a safe space for students to engage in creative activities, within an environment that inspires them. We teach drama, singing (vocal only) and art with a focus on Islamic history, Quranic stories and the cross-faith values we can extract from both. Our art classes cover themes such as Islamic calligraphy, geometry and the evolution of art influenced by Muslims.

At WAW, we also focus on creating a fun and energetic environment for our students. Our teachers and assistants provide a warm and friendly environment in the class, ensuring every child feels engaged with and is given the opportunity to express themselves.

We also undertake community outreach work. In April and December 2020 we held two online festivals,
 a creative festival and wellbeing festival. Both were focused on bringing the Muslim community together through free workshops carried out by influential Muslim creatives globally. These included Zain Bhikha (Singer), Omar Regan (Actor & Director), Ilyas Mao (Vocal Only Producer & Singer), Omar Esa (Vocal Only Producer & Singer), Hassen Rasool (Artist), Mennel (Singer, The Voice, France) and Lauren Booth (Actor, featured on I'm A Celebrity..Get Me Out Of Here!). Our online workshops were attended by people aged 4 – 65 and from all faiths.

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Omar Esa
Hassen Rasool
Farah Soobhan
Omar Regan
Hafza Yusuf


WAW Creative Arts has been featured in several mainstream media outlets to date. These have included BBC, Islam Channel, Channel S to name a few.

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