The World's First Islamic Creative Arts School

Promoting positivity and self-confidence in faith, through creative expression.


Who Are We?

WAW Creative Arts is the world's first Islamic Creative Arts school, located in Woodford, East London and Ilford, Essex. 

The classes currently on offer to 4-to-14 year olds are Drama, Singing (Nasheed) and Arts & Crafts. Our syllabus is based on Quranic stories and Islamic history, to enrich our students' knowledge of the Islamic faith in an engaging and fun way. The school is currently open online only, however, physical classes usually take place on Tuesdays from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, and Saturdays from 12.40pm to 2.40pm. Students attend one class per week.

Our aim is to provide a safe space for our students to engage in creative activities, within an environment that inspires them, without the pressure of examination.

Our goal is to motivate our students to become more expressive, self-confident and assured to deal with life's challenges both inside and outside of the school.

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WAW Creative Arts has been featured in several mainstream media outlets to date. These have included BBC, Islam Channel, Channel S to name a few.

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