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Our classes are held every Saturdays and Sundays between 10.00am to 1.00pm, at Seven Kings High School, Ilford. There are 8 classes per term, and 3 terms per year.


Drama, Singing/Poetry and Art classes will be taught in alternating weeks to ensure a balanced learning experience for our students which also allows our teachers to provide a better quality of teaching.


Our termly fee is priced at £194.99 per term*

We offer discounts on additional siblings, annual and group bookings.

We also offer a 2-week trial for £59.99 (6 hours).

Siblings Discounts: 

First sibling receives 15% off standard fee (£165)

Second sibling receives 20% off standard fee (£156)

Multiple Term Discount:

25% off standard fee (£146 per term)

Group Promotion:

Take advantage of our discount for enrolling as a group.

Perfect for friends and cousins who wish to join together.

Discounts are applied as follows:

2  students - 5% discount (£185 each)

3 students - 10% discount (£175 each)

4 students - 15% discount (£165 each)

 5 students - 20% discount (£155 each)

* Registration, Resources & Uniform is charged at £40 per student