Our classes will be held every Saturday between 10.00am to 12.00pm, at Seven Kings High School, Ilford. We are also now accepting admissions for Sundays classes, commencing in January 2022 (Term 2). Our term times run alongside the mainstream school timetable.


Drama, Singing (Nasheed) and Art classes will be taught in alternating weeks to ensure a balanced learning experience for our students which also allows our teachers to provide a better quality of teaching.


Our termly fee is priced at £194.99 per term* (typically 12 weeks)

We offer discounts on additional siblings, annual and group bookings.

Siblings Discounts: 

First sibling receives 15% off standard fee (£165)

Second sibling receives 20% off standard fee (£156)

Multiple Term Discount:

25% off standard fee (£146)

We also offer a 4-week trial for £79.99

Group Promotion:

You can now receive discounts if you enrol as a group - perfect for friends and cousins who wish to join together.

We offer the following  discounts:

2  students - 5% discount (£185 each)

3 students - 10% discount (£175 each)

4 students - 15% discount (£165 each)

 5 students - 20% discount (£155 each)

* Registration, Resources & Uniform is charged at £40 per student